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About Organs Studios

Organs is a new post-graduate artists' studio working on event production and publication projects while building community spaces for young, isolated artists. Started by MassArt Alumni, Abdullah Adisa, Ethan Roy, and Re Delaney, Organs is dedicated to reaching a collection of like-minded creative individuals looking for artistic and financial fulfillment while also discovering a community of those to uphold each other. Through the publication of zines, the curation of galleries, the hosting of live music and vendor events, and an investment in community real estate, Organs will be a home for freaks, geeks, and anything in between.

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Organs Studios was a project that began as a result of many conversations had around our dining room table. As undergraduates in a major US city, it felt wrong to be facing graduation with this sense of fear, knowing we were about to lose access to the space, the community, and the resources that were all so important to supporting ourselves as independent artists. We came to realize that all of the problems we needed to solve for ourselves were the same problems our friends and peers were looking to find answers to. Organs Studios became the solution. To be a vital resource for our community of artists in Boston and beyond, Organs Studios is dedicated to building financial support systems and creative opportunities for artistic fulfillment amongst new-found peers. It is our mission to always stay ahead of algorithm-driven burnout, to maintain fiscal equitability, and to help bring together anyone who has ever felt like there was no room for them to show off.

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Studio Milestones

March 2022

August 2022

Sept 2023

The idea for Organs Studios is born around a dining table in Roxbury.

Organs Studios is established (originally named WetWorx) in an undergraduate business incubator. The team was planning to dedicate their time solely to publications as a method to disseminate info and bring people together. 

The first-ever Organs popup gallery and the Studio's publishing debut come together under the same project at the Station in the Fenway. 

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