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Looking to fill that empty hole in your skull?

Take home an Organs Studios Plush Transplanted Eyeball today! 

Inspired by Ethan Roy's graphic designs, our plushies are a one of a kind purchase. All plushies are made to order by a member of our team. They are made by hand with recycled/salvaged yarns, stuffed with fiber craft scraps, and have fully aposable limbs. 

Help support our studio with your purchase, and rest assured that your plush organ is protected by our free repair plan. We'll repair damage to your product for free, anytime, to ensure your transplant lasts a lifetime. (shipping not included)

Plush Transplanted Eyeball

  • As a newer artists' studio with a small team, it's hard to make inventory to keep on hand, so instead we opt to make product as orders come in. We appreciate your patience in allowing us the time it takes to make these products by hand, specially crafted to your order. 

    Orders can take up to two weeks to make before being shipped out. Please note that an order of mulitple plushies may take longer. 

  • Your order comes with a lifetime garuntee for product repair. Snagged fibers? Lost leg? Ripped Stitches? We want to ensure that your transplanted organ lasts a lifetime. Send your organ back and we'll fix it for free, shipping not included. 

    Each Plush Organ comes with an Organ Donor Card with instructions for return if you ever need to call in that repair.

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